Jan 252015

14 Printable Love eCards Inspired for your beautiful special romantic love interest  for that moment when you want to say something clever or sweet that has inspired you and your creative side. Through this selection of unconventional and unique 

Send free love printable cards to anyone special, a card that helps you speak what is on your mind and in your heart is always fun to send to family and friends!

Here is the list: 

Swim Away with Me Free – A sweet card that lets you know that you are missing him.

You Fill my Memory Valentine – Romantic technology quote with a little bit of love and uniqueness.

I like you Berry Much Eard – Food love quote on a sweet Valentine’s Day card.

You are so sweet valentine ecard – The sugar makes the love all the better with this special quote!

 Traveling to See You Valentine Ecard – Nothing like a long distance message for your special someone.

Smile I Love you Free Ecard – Who ever said technology can’t say I love you is crazy! Smile!

Smooch for you Free Ecard – Don’t be scared to ask for a first kiss, just send this little note and they will get the hint!

Be My Valentine Free Ecard – Classic Valentine cards will never go out of style.

Youre my bird free ecard – Love for the birders, but even if you are not you can send a nice note for a little sugar!

Text Me Free Ecard – Ok, if you are scared to get that kiss just ask for a love text.

Be Mine Fish Valentines Free ECard – There are so many fish in the sea but you caught yours!

Together Forever Free VDay Ecard – I will be there forever!




Jan 092012

Send your Valentine the Swim Away With Me ecard this February 14!

This ecard has some cute fish swimming’s the great way to tell the person you love that you want them to join the pack and go with you!

How to turn this ecard into the perfect Valentine’s day gift:

Start by looking for cheap airfares to someplace warm and sunny!  You can look for a beach vacation place or even a cruise – either one will work.  When you find the place, make sure it is on the beach or near some water.  Purchase the tickets and set up the trip.  Send this ecard to your Valentine, and on Valentine’s day leave out some scuba gear, a new swimsuit, or some suntan lotion along with a print out of the card and trip itinerary.  You instantly have a Valentine’s day gift they’ll be talking about for years to come!!


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Jan 092012

Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day Ecard – the I Like you Berry Much Happy Valentine’s Day ecard!  This card is a nice choice for someone that you have a crush on or don’t want to declare all your true feelings to.

How you can make this card into a cute cheap Valentine’s day gift:

To turn this ecard into a gift, send the person you have a crush on this ecard, then on Valentine’s day, send them not a bouquet of flowers, but a bouquet of fruit!  Bouquets of fruit come in pretty arrangements – and the best part of it is you can eat the whole bouquet! This is a great choice for your Valentine who is not too crazy about chocolates or trying to watch their weight.  This is also a great choice for the Valentine that’s not too crazy about flowers.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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Jan 082012

Grab a Valentine’s Day Ecard that says “You are so sweet”! This Valentine’s Day Ecard is a nice alternative from simply saying I Love You or over doing it with the “love” theme.

How to turn this ecard into a full valentine’s day gift:
To turn this ecard into a gift, send this ecard to the one you love. Then on Valentine’s day leave chocolate and candy on their pillowcase, on the table, and in their lunch bag. For dessert after dinner, have little individual cakes or cupcakes that say with frosting “you are so sweet”. This is the perfect way to sweeten up your Valentine’s day!

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Jan 082012

If you are away from your Valentine on Valentine’s Day, then the traveling to see you ecard is the perfect choice to send the person you luv!  This ecard is a perfect choice for businessmen (or businesswomen), college students, or anyone in a long distance relationship!

How to add this Ecard to a cute cheap Valentine’s day card:

If you are in a long distance relationship, you can get your loved one a gift they will love by purchasing a plane ticket to visit them. Send them this ecard, and then forward your plane / flight itinerary from the airline. In an instant this simple ecard becomes full of meaning and a card your valentine will never forget!
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Jan 082012

I love the Smile I love you Free Ecard!! This ecard is a great choice for anyone to give! It’s perfect to give to anyone that you do alot of traveling with or that you take a lot of photos with.

How to turn this free ecard into a simple Valentine’s day gift that says I Love You:

To turn to Smile I Love You Ecard into a gift, you can send the ecard, and then on Valentine’s day leave little post it notes around your apartment or home for your loved one to read. The notes can say little things about why you love them in key places that they usually frequent – the coffee pot, the refrigerator, the tv, and don’t forget the mirror in the bathroom where you put the main one “Smile I Love you”! This is the perfect gift that costs NOTHING and will brighten up your loved ones day. Guaranteed!!!

Send the Smile I Love You Ecard now!


Jan 082012

You have to be a romantic fool to pull of the Smooch for you Free Ecard!! This Valentine’s day ecard is as bold as they come – it has a pair of lips with the slogan “Smooch for you” emblazoned boldly on the bottom of the card!

Best bet on sending this free ecard:
This card is best sent to someone you have a huge crush on but might not know it yet. The question is how do you get up the nerve to send this card? Here’s a great tip: all ecards on ILUVS can be scheduled in advance!! If you have the courage to send it today, simply go in and schedule your ecard right now! If you chicken out as Valentine’s Day gets closer, it won’t matter because you already sent the card!!

How to make this card into a great VDay gift:
To complete this ecard to the one you have a crush on, simply send the ecard in advance as previously discussed. When Valentine’s day arrives, your job is to be sure you are sitting or near the person when they read your email. When they do, and they seem confused by the words, turn to them and say “Smooch for you!” and kiss them on the cheeks – or if you dare on the lips!! Perfect Valentine’s gift for telling someone Exactly how you feel!!

Smooch for you on Valentine’s Day!

Send the Smooch for you Ecard now!


Jan 082012

Sometimes you wan to just go traditional. You want to say it simple and basic. This free valentine’s ecard just does that (with a cute picture!!) It says simply “Be My Valentine” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”. It’s simple and traditional with a bit of humor added in as the ecard’s photo is that of a shark! The fish theme therefore makes it perfect for anyone on the coast, or anyone that loves fishing or fishermen!!

How to turn the Be My Valentine Free Ecard into a perfect valentine’s day gift on the cheap!

You can turn this idea into a full romantic gift idea cheaply and simplY! To turn this ecard into a gift, you can cook up a fisherman’s delight meal for your loved one. Snapper or salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Add some wine and candlelight! The ecard can be used as an invitation to your valentine’s day romantic meal. It fits perfectly with the theme and your valentine will Love (luv) it!!

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be my valentine free ecard

Jan 082012

The you’re my bird free ecard is a great choice to send you loved one on Valentine’s Day! It’s a perfect way to express your love to someone that you’re not quite sure what you want to say or how you want to say it. Valentine’s cards can be hard to choose, but don’t let the wording stop yoU! Say it with an ecard!!

How to turn this free ecard into the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

Creativity is the best way to express your love on Valentine’s day, so you can try pairing the You’re my bird free ecard with a stuffed eagle or a stuffed chick to add special meaning to the gift….it doesn’t always have to be teddy bears and roses!! 😀

Send the free you’re my bird ecard now!


Jan 072012

Perfect Valentine’s Day Ecard for anyone that has a crush on someone and does not want to come straight out and say it! This is your chance! You can even send it anonymously if youw want! (But then, how would they get your number to text you?) 🙂 This Free Ecard says “Happy Valentine’s Day! Hey cutie, Text me!” and has a picture of someone texting!

How can I make this into a good cheap Valentine’s Day gift?
This is a great card for “crushes” and for someone you’re not quite serious about yet, but if you are sending it to someone you already have a relationship with, you can turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift idea by adding a cellphone, iPhone, or Ipad with it. All of a sudden this will be the best Valentine’s gift they ever received! Be sure your number is on top so that they send you their very first message!

Send a text me free ecard now!


Jan 072012

This is a really cute free Valentine’s Ecard!

The card is a good choice for a girlfriend or boyfriend, or for a couple who is planning a trip or is making a big life decision.  It’s a humorous, clever, fun way to lighten the day!  The card says simply:  “Happy Valentine’s Day!  You lead, I’ll follow. Be Mine”.

Cheap Gift Ideas to go with this Ecard!
Don’t stop with the Ecard! Use the card to theme your Valentine’s Day. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a fish tank, get them two new fish, put them in the tank, and put the card on the front of the tank…identify one as you and one as your boyfriend! Another idea – if you and your loved one is planning a trip or making a big decision around Valentine’s Day, then put together a little packet with a map, compass, and guidebook! With a little customization you have a very sweet Valentine’s gift for someone you luv!

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fish_lead_follow_valentine ecard

Jan 072012

This VDay Ecard is free and perfect for someone you really love.  Two Love Bugs face each other cozily, with the caption “Together Forever” under their bodies.

Ideas to go with this Ecard:
It can be very difficult to get a good Valentine’s Day gift to give your loved one, but what can make it easier is theming your gifts around something.  Try theming you V-Day gift around this Ecard!  Get a couple of stuffed red ladybugs and set them cozily on top of a large box of chocolates!  It’s a cute way to start theming your Valentine’s Day!

Send this Lady Bug Ecard now!

bug_together_forever ecard