Jan 082012

Sometimes you wan to just go traditional. You want to say it simple and basic. This free valentine’s ecard just does that (with a cute picture!!) It says simply “Be My Valentine” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”. It’s simple and traditional with a bit of humor added in as the ecard’s photo is that of a shark! The fish theme therefore makes it perfect for anyone on the coast, or anyone that loves fishing or fishermen!!

How to turn the Be My Valentine Free Ecard into a perfect valentine’s day gift on the cheap!

You can turn this idea into a full romantic gift idea cheaply and simplY! To turn this ecard into a gift, you can cook up a fisherman’s delight meal for your loved one. Snapper or salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Add some wine and candlelight! The ecard can be used as an invitation to your valentine’s day romantic meal. It fits perfectly with the theme and your valentine will Love (luv) it!!

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be my valentine free ecard

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