Jan 072012

Perfect Valentine’s Day Ecard for anyone that has a crush on someone and does not want to come straight out and say it! This is your chance! You can even send it anonymously if youw want! (But then, how would they get your number to text you?) 🙂 This Free Ecard says “Happy Valentine’s Day! Hey cutie, Text me!” and has a picture of someone texting!

How can I make this into a good cheap Valentine’s Day gift?
This is a great card for “crushes” and for someone you’re not quite serious about yet, but if you are sending it to someone you already have a relationship with, you can turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift idea by adding a cellphone, iPhone, or Ipad with it. All of a sudden this will be the best Valentine’s gift they ever received! Be sure your number is on top so that they send you their very first message!

Send a text me free ecard now!


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