Jan 092012

Send your Valentine the Swim Away With Me ecard this February 14!

This ecard has some cute fish swimming away..it’s the great way to tell the person you love that you want them to join the pack and go with you!

How to turn this ecard into the perfect Valentine’s day gift:

Start by looking for cheap airfares to someplace warm and sunny!  You can look for a beach vacation place or even a cruise – either one will work.  When you find the place, make sure it is on the beach or near some water.  Purchase the tickets and set up the trip.  Send this ecard to your Valentine, and on Valentine’s day leave out some scuba gear, a new swimsuit, or some suntan lotion along with a print out of the card and trip itinerary.  You instantly have a Valentine’s day gift they’ll be talking about for years to come!!


Send the Swim Away with Me ecard now!



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