Jan 252015

14 Printable Love eCards Inspired for your beautiful special romantic love interest  for that moment when you want to say something clever or sweet that has inspired you and your creative side. Through this selection of unconventional and unique 

Send free love printable cards to anyone special, a card that helps you speak what is on your mind and in your heart is always fun to send to family and friends!

Here is the list: 

Swim Away with Me Free – A sweet card that lets you know that you are missing him.

You Fill my Memory Valentine – Romantic technology quote with a little bit of love and uniqueness.

I like you Berry Much Eard – Food love quote on a sweet Valentine’s Day card.

You are so sweet valentine ecard – The sugar makes the love all the better with this special quote!

 Traveling to See You Valentine Ecard – Nothing like a long distance message for your special someone.

Smile I Love you Free Ecard – Who ever said technology can’t say I love you is crazy! Smile!

Smooch for you Free Ecard – Don’t be scared to ask for a first kiss, just send this little note and they will get the hint!

Be My Valentine Free Ecard – Classic Valentine cards will never go out of style.

Youre my bird free ecard – Love for the birders, but even if you are not you can send a nice note for a little sugar!

Text Me Free Ecard – Ok, if you are scared to get that kiss just ask for a love text.

Be Mine Fish Valentines Free ECard – There are so many fish in the sea but you caught yours!

Together Forever Free VDay Ecard – I will be there forever!




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