Jan 072012

This is a really cute free Valentine’s Ecard!

The card is a good choice for a girlfriend or boyfriend, or for a couple who is planning a trip or is making a big life decision.  It’s a humorous, clever, fun way to lighten the day!  The card says simply:  “Happy Valentine’s Day!  You lead, I’ll follow. Be Mine”.

Cheap Gift Ideas to go with this Ecard!
Don’t stop with the Ecard! Use the card to theme your Valentine’s Day. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a fish tank, get them two new fish, put them in the tank, and put the card on the front of the tank…identify one as you and one as your boyfriend! Another idea – if you and your loved one is planning a trip or making a big decision around Valentine’s Day, then put together a little packet with a map, compass, and guidebook! With a little customization you have a very sweet Valentine’s gift for someone you luv!

Send this Free Valentine’s Day Ecard now!

fish_lead_follow_valentine ecard

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