Jan 082012

You have to be a romantic fool to pull of the Smooch for you Free Ecard!! This Valentine’s day ecard is as bold as they come – it has a pair of lips with the slogan “Smooch for you” emblazoned boldly on the bottom of the card!

Best bet on sending this free ecard:
This card is best sent to someone you have a huge crush on but might not know it yet. The question is how do you get up the nerve to send this card? Here’s a great tip: all ecards on ILUVS can be scheduled in advance!! If you have the courage to send it today, simply go in and schedule your ecard right now! If you chicken out as Valentine’s Day gets closer, it won’t matter because you already sent the card!!

How to make this card into a great VDay gift:
To complete this ecard to the one you have a crush on, simply send the ecard in advance as previously discussed. When Valentine’s day arrives, your job is to be sure you are sitting or near the person when they read your email. When they do, and they seem confused by the words, turn to them and say “Smooch for you!” and kiss them on the cheeks – or if you dare on the lips!! Perfect Valentine’s gift for telling someone Exactly how you feel!!

Smooch for you on Valentine’s Day!

Send the Smooch for you Ecard now!


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