Jan 082012

I love the Smile I love you Free Ecard!! This ecard is a great choice for anyone to give! It’s perfect to give to anyone that you do alot of traveling with or that you take a lot of photos with.

How to turn this free ecard into a simple Valentine’s day gift that says I Love You:

To turn to Smile I Love You Ecard into a gift, you can send the ecard, and then on Valentine’s day leave little post it notes around your apartment or home for your loved one to read. The notes can say little things about why you love them in key places that they usually frequent – the coffee pot, the refrigerator, the tv, and don’t forget the mirror in the bathroom where you put the main one “Smile I Love you”! This is the perfect gift that costs NOTHING and will brighten up your loved ones day. Guaranteed!!!

Send the Smile I Love You Ecard now!


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